Academic Performance and Issues of Pregnant Students: Basis for an Intervention Plan


Teenage pregnancy
academic performance,
socio-economic impact
health challenges
supportive interventions
sequential explanatory mixed-method design

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Tejada, J. A. M. (2023). Academic Performance and Issues of Pregnant Students: Basis for an Intervention Plan. AIDE Interdisciplinary Research Journal, 7(1), 66–77.


Teenage pregnancy remains a significant concern in the Philippines, particularly affecting the student population in state universities and colleges. This study specifically investigates the impact of teenage pregnancy on the academic performance of students at Cagayan State University. It aims to detail these students' demographic and socio-economic profiles, comparing their academic outcomes before and after pregnancy and formulating a support plan. The research utilizes a sequential explanatory mixed-method design, blending quantitative data—such as academic records and demographic details—with qualitative insights into the students' personal and health-related challenges. The findings reveal that most pregnant students are in their second year of college, hail from low-income families, and deal with various concerns, including health complications and the stress of balancing education with impending motherhood. Despite these obstacles, the study interestingly notes an unexpected trend: academic performance does not suffer and, in some cases, improves as students become more determined to succeed for the sake of their future children. Based on these insights, the study recommends establishing comprehensive support programs at the university, including academic assistance, health services, and financial aid, to nurture an environment that supports pregnant students in their pursuit of education and personal growth.


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